Diabetes and the Dentist

Approximately 29 million people have diabetes. WOW! Although it’s common (unfortunately), it’s quite deadly.

Diabetes affects your heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and yes, your teeth! If you have diabetes, you may notice that your mouth is dry, your food tastes differently or feel a burning sensation.

Studies have shown that the teeth of children with diabetes grow in faster than children without diabetes.

It’s very common for diabetics to have bleeding gums. This could be gingivitis or worse! You are also at a higher risk for developing a fungal infection in your mouth - thrush.

So why are diabetics at a higher risk for infections? It’s because of poor blood sugar control. Simply put, diabetes is a disease that’s related to how your body processes sugar - glucose. If you have an infection anywhere in your body, your blood sugar levels increase.

So what can you do?

For starters, control your blood sugar with proper diet, exercise and by taking your prescribed medication.

If you’re a smoker, STOP! Smokers, especially those with diabetes, have a much higher chance of having gum disease, fungal infections and cancer!

Brush and floss at least two times a day.


If you have dentures, a retainer, or appliance of any kind, keep it clean!

My team and I will do all that we can to help you get and stay healthy. It’s important that we see you regularly so that we can treat you. If you have gum disease, let us treat it so that it won’t spread. It can also help lower your A1c levels!

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